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What Do You Need To Know About The Dukan Diet? The Dukan diet is a 4-phased diet or mini diets, its phases are namely the attack, cruise, consolidate and stabilize, this was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan. In order to get you results as quickly as possible so that you will look good, feel healthy and stick with your new way of life is the idea behind this type of diet. The worst thing that a person can do is to eat a diet balanced by 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins for those who are struggling with weight loss. This potent, fat-building creation as similar to mother’s milk is how this type of diet is described. According to this type of diet, the way to slim down is not balancing your diet since the body does not reach lightning fast weight loss until foods are restricted to just one food group and the body gains weight on a balanced diet is what it believes. This could be the message they have been waiting, for meat lovers while this could be a bad news for hard core dieters who love all diets foods. This type of diets provides a complete plant to go from losing weight lightning fast to eating normal foods again, therefore, compared to other types of diet plans, this is drastically different. Even though a consistent plan for weight loss is provided by most diet plans, but once the dieter need to maintain the weight loss, most of them cannot provide a help. Step by step action plans broken into four phases is offered by this type of diet plan and because of that, it is currently thought to be the world’s most popular easy diet plan. The first phase which is also know as attack in this type of diet last for 5 days of eating lean protein only and by making your body work harder to digest food so that you can burn a lot of fat, cellulite and unsightly weight quickly and the move into more diverse phases is how this diet plan works. In the second phase also known as the cruise phase, to continue burning the weight of previously not thought levels, you begin eating all approved foods alternating with lean protein only days, this phase begins on the sixth day. As part of the menu of this type of diet, a quick start guide includes the 100 approved foods to eat. When you hit your target wright and you begin to eat all foods in moderation is the beginning of the third phase which is also known as the consolidate phase. However, this is not free for all but when you continue to eat healthy and slowly add back in new foods happens in a portion controlled time. In the forth phase which is also known as stabilization, you will eat whatever you want and you only go back to eating lean meats once a week.
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The fast results, ability to eat unlimited amounts of lean protein, having an exact plant to follow and being able to return to normal eating and still maintain weight loss results, according to the users, those are the most attractive parts of the diets. The downsides of the diet are having to eat more protein, needing to follow a step by step plan and not always having the right foods available which are exactly viewed by others as the upsides.Interesting Research on Resources – What No One Ever Told You